Wordpress Websites Design.

Wordpress Websites need a much larger capacity for hosting compared to our CMS or html sites. The images alone can be hundreds of megabites and Wordpress sites have the tendency to grow over time. To host these we supply 1000 Mb for the website and email which should be sufficient. When the site would outgrow this we can make upgrades to the plan.

What is included in our Wordpress Website:

As many pages as you want/need 

As many pictures as you want/need 

As many products as you want/need 

As many catagories as you want/need 

Payment gateway via Paypal, the trusted payment method or other ssystem. 

Flash, Video etc. Facebook link (link to your facebook page) 

Search engine optimisation tools for good ranking 

Email accounts 

FREE SEO With Every Website we provide Free SEO for a number of pages. Every website we develop comes with FREE SEO for one page where we will: 

Write the Title and Description on your home page 

Submit your website into Google.co.nz 

Submit your website into Bing.com

What we need from you:

Your logo 

 Clear instructions about the design 

 Do you want the Woocommerce installed as well?

What does it not include:

Full Graphic Design 

Text writing or content writing 

 What you need to do: 

Fill the website with your content and products 

 Can I do all this? Can you work in Word or another text editor - then you can work in our user friendly CMS system.

We work from Hamilton, from where we can help you with the creation of your website.
Our first website we created in 1996 which is the year Google started. Our experience will help you get results from your site.

Website design and Website hosting can be done from any location. Being in Hamilton most of our clients are in Hamilton, Auckland and Tauranga.
The site will be hosted at the Auckland data center where your website is located on a server which is connected to the internet.
Access to the Auckland data center is restricted to only a few datacenter specialists for security reasons. 

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