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Google Page speed score

Page speed score is important to obtain good rankings.

Please contact us so we can adjust your website to a good PageSpeed Score and because of that a better experience for your customers.

Scores lower than 85% could negatively affect your rankings. An example of this website is below.

When your website speed and/or speed score is low please contact us. In almost all cases we can get your site to an acceptable PageSpeed Score of higher than 80%.

We work from Hamilton, from where we can help you with the creation of your website.
Our first website we created in 1996 which is the year Google started. Our experience will help you get results from your site.

For Tauranga websites, design, SEO and hosting
Tauranga Website design and Website hosting can be done from any location. Being in Hamilton most of our clients are in Hamilton, Napier, Auckland and Tauranga.
The site will be hosted at the Auckland data center where your website is located on a server which is connected to the internet.
Access to the Auckland data center is restricted to only a few datacenter specialists for security reasons.